sabato 3 dicembre 2011

Maria Kazvan

I am almost 22 years old, I live in Lviv, Ukraine. Started shooting three years ago, my first step was deviantart, I saw some really great pictures there, and I remember, I thought it could be fun doing something like that, something beautiful.

Well, my first steps was awful, and it wasn't so easy, as I thought.
Anyway, I am here now, with my photos, and I think it's progress from what I begin and who I am now. (I was featured in Vogue Girl Korea, July'11, my only one paper feature, that's sucks, I know).
 I still have all life to improve my work, so maybe it'll work out sometime.

I wish I could work for some magazines, not necessary make fashion, I even more like portraits, showing people's faces, stoping time only for them, maybe they'll look at their portraits one day and remember that beautiful summer morning when we were shooting, only I and
someone else.

I prefer to work tete-a-tete, only me and model, it's hard to concentrate, when there are other people.
One more thing about nowadays fashion, I remember when I was smaller, and my uncle sent us beautiful American magazines, it was middle 90s, in those mags was such a beautiful photos,full of emotions. I don't remember what they was selling, probably some clothes and maybe furniture.

 Looking now, on nowadays fashion, I just can't understand how could that happen. So I think there must
be some people who can renew good taste in photography and maybe fashion. And I don't think that's me, I'm just say that maybe was better time than now. 

For my work I am using film. I have Minolta XD-11, that's my only camera, I don't have some other, and I prefer standard Minolta's lens, 49/1,7.

You can find her here:  Flickr - Facebook fan page - Blog

sabato 19 novembre 2011

Pagan Moth

Immagini di un'intesità palpabile. Questa è la fotografia di Pagan Moth. Ecco un assaggio dei suoi lavori: