giovedì 20 dicembre 2012

martedì 18 dicembre 2012

Who is the person behind the photos?

I'm a twenty-five year old girl finishing my studies in biology. I love life and try to capture the beauty all around me, I enjoy being outside as well as having a cup of hot chocolate on a rainy day.

How did you discover photography and what makes you keep on doing it?
 I happened to have a camera in my hands, took pictures and liked it. Each picture I took made me more passionate and today I can't imagine my life without photography. It is one of the few things that make me feel completely happy from head to toe.

Which artist would you like to work with?
 I'm not into collaborations other than those with people in front of my camera even though I'd like to meet a couple of photographers to discover the people behind the pictures I've been enjoying for quite a while.

What is your favourite photo or artist?
I love painters like Gustav Klimt and Vincent van Gogh, but I guess I don't have one favourite artist. There is so much talent out there and I enjoy different kinds of art and artists depending on my mood.

Choose a question and answer.
What do you think about editing pictures? For me, a picture coming out of my camera is a kind of rough diamond which has to be shaped and processed to show its full beauty. I don’t change the picture fundamentally since light, expression, crop etc. are already given, but I try to enhance the most important and beautiful aspects.

What do you expect from your photographic future?
I hope to be able to continue photography no matter what’s going to happen in my life. That's all. I'm not carreer-minded so I'll see what comes.

                                                              Thanks to Luisa Moehle

giovedì 6 dicembre 2012

Who is the person behind the photos?

I consider myself discreet, quiet, patient, friendly and nice but with lot of character and a little bigh head. Sensitive, observant, curious and inventive but a little insecure and with many fears. I am very demanding and perfectionist that is why I like to do things well and slowly but sometimes I like to improvise and get carried away by the situation. I also love art, animals (especially cats) and nature.

Designers, photographers, graphics or people that inspire you?
I am inspired by the sensitivity of Wong Kar Wai's films , the fragility of Francesca Woodman's photos naturalness of Ryan McGinley, the hardness of Frida Kahlo's paintings but what  really inspires me is nature and humang beings.

 What do you want to show through your pictures?
I want to convey more than just show.That is my only goalI want to convey feelings, emotions, fears, memories, dreams ... things that humans usually hide inside for fear of being judged.

 What does photography mean to you?
For me photography is nothing more than to convey what I feel and draw out the deepest feelings. It is also a way to "escape" from reality and my problems. There are people who write to alleviate their pain as Charles Bukowski, others paint as Frida Kahlo, I take photographs.

  Which artist would you like to work with?
 With anyone who is motivated and enjoy doing his job. I think that motivation and inspiration are most important for an artist.

What do you expect from your photographic future?
I do not expect anything in particular, just to continue enjoying photography as I have done so far with the freedom to do something personal and intimate and keep experimenting and learning from  great artists. I am very young and I recognize that I have a lot to learn and I only hope to grow as a photographer.

lunedì 19 novembre 2012

Who is the person behind the photos?

My partner Mark Sink and myself make the work together.

 How did you discover photography and what makes you keep on doing it?
When I was a child, my dad would teach me the basics of using a camera. In high school I took a photo class and knew from then on that is what I wanted to do. I set up a darkroom in my family's second bathroom and would stay up all night printing.

Which artist would you like to work with? 
I have many artists I admire. I already work with and collaborate with someone I love and admire, Mark Sink. I feel very lucky to collaborate with him almost every day. Sylvie Tillmann, Bruno Dayan,  Paolo Roversi, Rineke Dijkstra, and  Nazif Topçuoğlu are a few of my contemporary favorites.  

In your opinion, what are the characteristics of a photographer, and what differentiates it from a good photo taker?
Well almost everyone is a photographer these days with digital cameras. They are easy to use, and a wonderful tool. I think a good photographer is someone who thinks of art, photography, painting, history, cooking, life, people, all day long, everyday all day and never takes a break from work. Art is not work as an artist, it becomes like a labor of love, like raising a child. You would do anything for it and never cease being committed to it. Art is life.

What are your hobbies besides photography? 
 I like to cook, I worked as a cook for a couple years, I now work as a florist, I love flowers and bees, I like to blog, watch people on the street, I sew and construct many of the outfits in the pictures with the help of my mom, I like bookmaking.

Is there anything you want express with your works?
The way I see things.

What do you expect from your photographic future? 
I expect there is a lot for me ahead. I have ideas I am just starting to work on and I hope I become a better photographer and make better work all the time. I hope that I am not ever without a camera and if I am I hope I am doing something really wonderful and interesting instead and then take a picture of it.

 Thanks to Kristen Hatgi

Photos by Kristen Hatgi and Mark Sink