lunedì 14 aprile 2014

Who is the person behind the photos?

My name is Achim Katzberg. I was born and raised in 1965 in Zweibrücken, Germany. Since the early 90s I was working in the Rhein Main Region. I am now living in Mainz, Germany.

Where does your influence come from?
Oh – that’s hard to answer. 
In brief: I think it is my great love for people and life in general as well as my fascination for architecture.
I have taken photos since my early youth. At a very early point in my live I started with a highly sophisticated Kodak Instamatic camera that has soon been replaced by my first reflex camera. 
Although there has been a work related break in taking photos, I have been always interested in design, architecture and the photographic work of famous photographers. I think all of this influenced my work in some way.

Is there anything you want to show with your pictures?

I love to take story-telling photos. Photos which are remembering as well as surprising and inspiring.

In your opinion, what are the characteristics of a photographer, and what differentiates it from a good photo taker?
I think this question is directly linked to the question what is a good photo. 
For me a good photo is story-telling, it is touching you, it shows something new and quite original, or at least something in a new way or from a different point of view. Finally for me a good photo should be well composed and generally be of a good technical quality.
In comparison to a photographer a good photo taker might not be able to cover all of this points.

What was your biggest challenge as a photographer?
I think it was my first job as a professional wedding photographer. Because you've got only one chance to make it! 

Any advice to emerging photographers? 
Continue to live your passion with, doing good and having fun at the same time. Do not waste too much time in finding the best camera. Go out and shoot!

What do you expect from your photographic future?
It is always to further improve my work, but– and this is the most important in all – always enjoying to take photos.