sabato 23 luglio 2011

Guest of the week: David Terrazas

 Per me David Terrazas, assieme a Daniel Griffin aka falsama, è uno dei big di flickr. Il motivo? I suoi ritratti non sono mai banali, sono dei pezzi unici la cui impronta è la sua capacità di estirpare dai volti un'intensità e una forza senza pari. Godetevi le sue foto e visitate assolutamente il suo sito. Ne vale la pena!  

My name is David Terrazas, thirty one years old photographer from Pamplona, small city in the north of Spain. I spent most of my twenties in Madrid and now I am based in Bangkok, Thailand. 

I became interested in photography at an early age through my father, an avid book collector. We used to visit fascinating exhibitions around Spain and France. Sometimes even driving seven hundred kilometres in one day to watch Bresson, Newton or Erwitt's works. So I started to admire the greatest photographers in the history. I decided to take my first black and white photos on film when I was eighteen, but I took it seriously in recent years. Right now I feel like the photography is the base of my life and I have to say, it's a good feeling.

Most of my photos are strongly connected to my daily life: family, friends, strangers I met in my journeys, or a simple view from my window. This is me and somehow is how the people see myself through the eyes of my models or in a cloudy landscape. I express myself subconsciously in my pictures, mostly not in what they say, but in how it is said. Personally interested in expressions, tones, color combinations, compositions... details which help me to find what I am looking for. Sometimes I feel that take the picture is just the 50% of the work, a good contribution can be given in the post production. In my case trying not losing the sense of reality.

If you ask me what kind or style of photography I take, I wouldn't know what to say. I guess 
that I look for “that” that makes me feel how intense, peaceful, beautiful, sad, magical and full of energy the life can be. Whatever makes me feel alive as human, not just being alive, but feel it; and then try to express it in one single photo.

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