giovedì 4 ottobre 2012

Who is the person behind the photos?

A girl extremely insecure and complexed but sometimes also happy to be this. I love the bodies, male and female, the faces, perhaps because I have a bad relationship with my body and my face. Behind the camera there is also a girl with so many sources of inspiration trying to create a different atmosphere in each photo, when planning her sets and choose the models, of course.

How did you discover photography and what makes you keep on doing it?
My boyfriend has a passion for photography and three years ago he approached me to the world of photography, encouraging me to take pictures because, probably, he already believed in my abilities even though I took horrible photos. Now it's a bit better, I'm learning!

Which artist would you like to work with?
Among directors, I tell Giuseppe Tornatore because his films always inspire me a lot and it would be nice just to shake his hand.
Among the photographers, Ellen Von Unwerth, Steven Klein and other lesser-known but equally deserving as Himitsuhana, Salome Vorfas, Federica Erra, Pierluigi De Rubertis. Great artists and teachers, in my opinion.
Among musicians, I tell you "Il Genio", they inspire me so much and I have also met and photographed to a concert where I enjoyed so much.
There are so many artists and the list would be endless!

Is there anything you want express with your works?
Not anything in particular. I always say that I shoot to stimulate the imagination of the people who watch them. Sometimes there are specific things which emerge, sometimes there are various and undefined. Every person, in a work, sees what he wants to see.

  In your opinion, what are the characteristics of a photographer, and what differentiates it from a good photo taker?
Certainly not the expensive equipment (which is still important).
But, frankly, I don't know what is the recipe to make a good photographer. After knowing talented photographers and very different from each, I don't know what distinguishes one from the other.

Favorite websites?
Flickr, because is on that site I found many outstanding artists! I love it!

Do you expect anything from your photographic future?
I don't know what will happen, I hope the best. And I hope to travel!
Thank you so much!

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