mercoledì 27 novembre 2013

Who are the persons behind the photos?

Danka & Peter, young couple, travelers and analog lovers based in Slovakia.

How did you discover photography and what makes you keep on doing it?
We started with photography approximately 3 years ago. It was just capturing landscapes and archiving time that we spent together as the part of our traveling. But about 1 year ago we bought our first film cameras and it was something like breakthrough for us. We discovered charm of analog photography and such things as joy of taking pictures with cameras older than us, thinking about composition and exposition, moment of surprise of developed film and many more. But the main reason that makes us carry on is to catch the moments that will never be repeated and keep it. 

What does photography mean to you?
Photography is significant part of our life, it helps us to remember time spent together and beautiful places that we visited. It also makes us more creative and perceptive to our surroundings. 

What do you want to show through your pictures?
We want people who saw our pictures have good and inspiring feelings, to stop them for a moment from daily life and show them beautiful nature, light, our moods and love.

Which artist would you like to work with?
We never thought about that. Usually we work with each other and it quite good for us :). But we are open to any interesting cooperation.

Favorite websites?
We are uploading our photos on flickr so there we are following lots of creative people that give us plenty of inspiration. We also like beautiful family blogs such as or and many many more...

 What do you expect from your photographic future?
To be honest, nothing :) We consider photography to be our hobby and part of our everyday lives. We would like to travel and take photographs as much as possible. We want to see different places, have adventure and take some good pictures. Then we will show them to our friends and people who admire our work.

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