venerdì 10 gennaio 2014

Can Dagarslani

"The understanding of postmodern art causes fierce discussions and confusion about what is art and what is not. We see that the artist with spiritual beliefs has been replaced by post artist type who is deeply attached to market demands.
My interest in photography started with my inner world’s influence, not out of curiosity. It was an escape caused by emotions I wasn’t aware of. With architecture I was running and hurrying up in life, the events that passed by me would hit me and disappear. With photography, scenes that arouse with light and colors came into being. I feel so lucky to be able to move away from the stress of architecture through such an exciting reason. 
People attempt to amplify and push limits of realities. I believe I can surprise viewers by not finding any quirkiness but at the same time by not being ordinary. I can say at this point that my actual goal is to make people “feel”. The ongoing daily life inspires me the most. The lights that brighten me every hour of the day, colors of objects and shape of the human body are the basis of my photographs."

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