giovedì 5 giugno 2014

Who is the person behind the photos?

My name is Eylül, which means September in Turkish. I am 23 years old and I am living in Berlin. 

How did you discover photography and what makes you keep on doing it?
I started experimenting with my mother's old camera ( which is still my favorite camera and I always use it ) and then I realized how much it makes me happy to be taking photos so since then I have not stopped.

What do you want to show through your pictures?
I think I really enjoy focusing on women and their femininity in order to talk about the social and political oppression of women in cultures like the Turkish culture. I also enjoy telling stories, every photo has kind of a little story of its own and it is fun to let people think what the story could be.

Which artist would you like to work with?
Right now it would be a dream come true to have a photo shoot with the actresses of the sensational movie 'Blue is the warmest color' .

Favorite websites?
I do not spend that much time online…But I love

What are your hobbies besides Photography?
I enjoy traveling, but I do photography professionally so I would not call it my hobby anyway :)

What do you expect from your photographic future?
I have published my first book, Trauerweide ( ) last year and I would like to publish another book this year. Also I might have my first solo exhibition either in Istanbul or Berlin.

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