lunedì 27 giugno 2011

Guest of the week: Daniel Griffin

Sono elettrizzata al fatto di presentarvi Daniel Griffin aka falsalama. Da leggere tutto d'un fiato. Buona giornata!

I have been sharing my photos on the web under the nickname falsalama, my real name is Daniel Griffin. I am English and travel a lot, and lived abroad for a chunk of my life, mainly in Asia. I remember making a pin hole camera as a boy scout and feeling really inspired. I went on to art school and ran an art and framing gallery in Oxford in the early 90's between travels to India, Nepal and Tibet where I studied Tibetan Buddhist philosophy and meditation. I have always loved photography. In the last 4 or 5 years with websites like flickr and blogs gaining popularity it has become easier and more enjoyable to share work so i have definitely spent more time with it. I have made some good friends and been really inspired and motivated from being more connected in a large community of creative people. 

I am currently printing some of my pictures, selling prints and working towards another exhibition and a book. I'm also going to renew my website and improve my portfolio and will take on some slightly more commercial assignments, as well as continuing with my own personal projects. 

I enjoy the feelings of creativity and inspiration that I get from photography, and see it as a valuable outlet to try express certain things that cannot be so easily put into words. 
I don't take myself very seriously at all, but there are elements of my life, travels and experiences that do filter into my work, and there are definite ideas that I strive to sum up in my pictures, or at least they represent something to me about my life, and the bigger picture, if that makes sense. 

I think my style varies a lot and I'm really changing and trying new things at the moment, but i have always loved classic black and white, grainy candid portraits like back stage scenes, and gritty black and white street and documentary styles, but I also love fine art and the more cool, artistic and alternative side of fashion.

I can be quite critical about my own photos, and always looking for ways to improve them. I am currently making efforts in technical areas to achieve more finesse in processing and better exposure, and tonal ranges, basically to produce higher quality images.  

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