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Guest of the week: Matthew Fry aka

I am Matt Fry and I live in Echo Park, California, in the United States with my beautiful wife Kenz. I grew up mostly in Dallas, Texas but I have lived all over and worked many jobs. I had never even thought much about photography until about 2 or 3 years ago when I started the blog, The Heroines Project ( with Heroines I began to understand the effect that photography could have and how much it could mean and I wanted to create those images, not the typical photos of perfect women but of women as they are. That’s what I find beautiful. 

I would say that my photography is raw and natural. I rarely take more than just a camera or two and almost always use natural light. I shoot film only not because I am a film snob but because when I started getting into photography about three years ago I couldn't afford a nice digital, soI bought an old minolta instead and started shooting.  ever since then i just fell in love with film.

My inspiration comes from people. I love people. I want to know all about them. I want to see them as they are. I want to see beauty in reality, and that's what I want to show. My work isn't all about me, I don't try to mold the model into what I want. yes, there is always a bit of manipulation from a photographer, but I  try to bring out what is already there. And when i see it, that one moment, that one fraction of a second is saved. That one moment, can be held and shared, and that one moment with nowhere to hide is simply you. Not you now, Not you before, just you in that moment and that's what I love about photography.

I found this quote, which is posted atop the Heroines site, and it has guided my work ever since

“I dont get it.
Women are gorgeous. the female body a feast.
Why do people shoot women with the intention to delete all imaginary possible flaws?
Why not shoot them in such a way the result looks like a celebration of women? 
A picture that looks like a party for your eyes and everyone is invited!

I tried to practice what i preach today.
Shoot women.
Bites lip.
Can't wait to get those pics developed.”
La fille d’O

What is the greatest recognition that I have had? It might sound stupid, but I would have to say that when a model tells me they love their photos and I see them posting and using them. I would say that is my greatest recognition, that they loved what we created. It seems odd, but I care more about the person I am photographing and what they think than anything else.

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